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We are using cookies on our website. Want to boost your productivity? You can also use this template as a student. Place this customizable video in your presentation to call attention to your message in a fun different way. View our PowerPoint tutorials to find out how.

You can use this presentation template to display your information for setting goals, looking to the future, seeing an outcome, looking at opportunities, or showing a point of view. So use this pitch deck template to start your business off on the right foot.

Medical - Healthcare PowerPoint Templates

This light and airy cloud background template is perfect for science presentations, nature conservation groups, and businesses related to sleep, weather, and so much more. This business sales presentation template is sure to make an impact, featuring a stunning glass building on the title slide. This sales report template can be used to give you a quick snapshot and a better picture via the monthly overview.

Download any of our customizable video backgrounds as a PowerPoint slide which can be loaded into an existing template. This animated PowerPoint template is themed around a business character looking through a telescope. The next batch of templates is laser-focused for certain industries specifically. Use this real estate PowerPoint template to explain to potential clients why they should go with you and your agency. With our one of a kind customizer, build your own animation, image, or video and using your own text and logos.

Free 3D PowerPoint Templates

It uses a tree on various slides to illustrate growth, which will add a unique visual to your message. Your audience will be left wondering how you created such an awesome presentation. This science project template is structured with everything laid out for you. Options to download as a PowerPoint template or Keynote for Mac. Use it to communicate the project status, progress, and deliverables with everyone involved.

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Prescription Bottle PowerPoint Template. This template is not for the shy or timid since it will get your presentation noticed. For theaters and theater clubs, when it comes time to raise awareness and fundraising dollars, this Slidehunter theater template will give you everything you need to make an artful impression. Medical ppt presentation is free to download powerpoint template with license personal use only.

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You can replace the pictures or fill the boxes with your text without changing the whole look. This cactus template is perfect for botany students and businesses making presentations about the desert or the American southwest. Any good construction company knows that before you break ground, you need to come up with a solid building plan first. This fitness template is perfect for a personal trainer, fitness instructor or gym owner. It will be the best thing you can do without spending much time.

62 Free PowerPoint Templates to Make Your Life Easier

With its soft yellow color and its use of retro shapes in vintage colors, you wind up with a light, fun presentation suitable for most applications. This template is perfect for presentations where you want your images to speak more than words.

If you have a presentation for the upcoming meeting with some medical practicians, doctors, and others, top ipod music sites then you need to make the great slides in front of them. This template is suitable for presentations in medical and pharmaceutical businesses. Saving your time to create an elegant presentation with a medical powerpoint presentation. Looking for tips to become a PowerPoint pro? Musclebone PowerPoint Template.

Top of Page PresentationPro. If you are presenting to corporate clients or investors, you need a template as polished as your pitch. Use it as the backdrop of your next environmentally friendly presentation.

Toggle navigation GoSkills. An Animated Presentation Template giving you a great outline for displaying your story of fitness.

They are professional and available to use anytime. You can also use it to display your cast list, upcoming shows, and any other key pieces of information. However, they are very engaging in how we animate the graphic elements in PowerPoint to draw attention to your message. The slide deck includes ready-made charts and tables for you to easily insert your data.

Learn how to use themes, add transitions, work with animations and more with the GoSkills PowerPoint course. This newly added tutorial shows video instructions on how create your own color theme pallete in PowerPoint.

Or take any slide from this PowerPoint slide deck to add to an existing presentation. Personal use only Morph Animation ready.

This free template by Daniela Trony features a blue gradient theme throughout, with plenty of opportunities to display your Instagram worthy photos. This animated presentation template is themed around growth. Heart Rate PowerPoint Template. For readers with data-heavy presentations, this Thaliard PowerPoint template is for you.

Insurance Scope PowerPoint Template. Some animated templates may contain embedded video files for ease of use. The next set of templates is perfect for bringing out your inner photographer. Photos in the templates can easily be switched out if our customers would like to add their own photo in place of the existing photos used.

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Skills for career advancement. The animation and morph transition is ready for you in perfect ways. Spread some holiday cheer with this photo card template. Stethoscope PowerPoint Template.