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For other uses and variants of the name, data entry auto captcha fill software see Aisha disambiguation. Do you also believe that Coca Cola was once green? Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! The lyrics were all in French. The Arabic lyrics for the bilingual version of the song are written by Khaled.

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Think again before saying stuff like that. You ought to know better than to trust silly internet rumors. He bleeds out all over his adidas sweatshirt and falls on the floor. One is that the boy was bullied so badly that he killed himself. And that a Japanese man is making Bonsai kittens?

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He actually lives in toronto and after having enough of being torutured, bullied, and physically abused he jumped off a bridge ending his very sad life. Mon Premier Amour - featuring Lady Laistee. And that there's a girl named Penny Brown's missing? There are different forms of this urban legend.

No Replies Log in to reply. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. The title refers to an Arabic female name. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery.

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The original French single was never released in an album, though Khaled's album Sahra featured a bilingual version of the song sung in both French and Arabic. According to this legend, the boy kills himself during the video.

Outlandish Aicha Lyrics

For personal non-commercial use only. Khaled's music video was directed by Sarah Moon.

In the full version after he dances, he gets a knife out from under his minnie mouse comforter and slits his throat. Never mind that Khaled sings in Arabic. Chebba - Man City remix, bonus track. Derwiche Tourneur - French. Jean-Jacques Goldman Khaled.

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That's an urban legend, and yes, I've heard that urban legend before. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.