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FREE- Om / Aum Mantra MP3 With Theta Tones

It is considered as the root mantra of all mantra. The Direct Frequencies are available in pure and bilateral formats. After this, stop chanting and sit for a moment of silence.

True experience of another reader with Om Namah Shivay. Sit in a comfortable undisturbed place. Listen to this powerful vibrating sound of Universe now.

Our products are not money spinners but created out of a genuine love for spirituality. This is the realm of dreams, divinities, imagination, the inner world.

Joseph Campbell likens this unstruck vibration to the humming of an electrical transformer, or the to our ears unheard hummings of atoms and molecules. It might be said that the ultimate aim of Yoga is to enter this third dreamless realm while awake. How long should you meditate?


Superconscious chanting, however, is that in which the mind is deeply directed to the repetition of, and the actual profound listening to, gundam musou 3 pc the Cosmic Sound as it vibrates in the ether. There are several traditional and allegorical interpretations of this ancient sound. This means the sound that is not made by two things striking together.

Hindu Aum (or Om) Mantra Meaning and Audio

This is the cosmic night, the interval between cycles of creation, the womb of the divine Mother. Those who become consciously attuned to the omnipresent Cosmic Vibration receive untold blessings. You might wish to visualize some shape, round and energetic, manifesting between the palms of your hands. There is no music present in our recordings.

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OM The sound of universe


With serenity and fearlessness, with steadfastness in brahmacharya, with the mind controlled, with the thoughts centered on Me, the yogi should sit, meditating on Me as the Final Goal. Thousands of customers have written to us, their encouragement and feedback has helped us improve our program. It represents normal waking consciousness, in which subject and object exist as separate entities.

Please share if you like it! While music may not interfere with your meditative sessions, its usefulness is practically zero. Here, object and subject become intertwined in awareness. Learn more about David here.

By deep concentration the devotee can hear Aum at any time and in any place. This is the true way of contacting God as He is expressed in creation. Consult your doctor if you have medical conditions. So, sound that is not made of two things striking together is the sound of primal energy, the sound of the universe itself. The specific frequencies produced by the Monaural beats tune your mind to these zones of awareness and facilitate meditation.

Different levels of awareness are present in us. At that moment, that instant separating audible sound and silence, the veil is thinnest, and our listening awareness is most expansive. With Monaural, you do not need headphones. Inhale gently, easily, expanding into your belly as you breathe. All can give us the opportunity to follow the path of sound into the awareness of the sound behind the sound.

The Bible also refers to the Word as the Holy Ghost or intelligent ghostlike unseen vibration that is the creator of all forms of matter. This mantra will help you to calm the mind, settled the thought process and realize the self. This is the level of mechanics, science, logical reason, the lower three chakras. Stop listening it if you feel uneasy. Repeat this exercise several times.

It is the primal sound of the universe that contains all sounds in itself. It is remarkably centering and relaxing. Colors are associated with their own frequency and also sound.

This is an extremely powerful technique to speed up spiritual development and experience an altered state of consciousness. Further, Patanjali says that deep concentration on Aum is a means of liberation. The natural mantra which repeats itself. Our spiritual enhancement sessions are set to a very high standard and we are conscious of our maintaining our reputation. Many people who do not understand the inward meaning of the scriptures think that by softly or loudly chanting Aum they can reach the superconsciousness.

David is a singer, historian and author who lives in southern Oregon. Save it in your hard disk. Matter becomes subtle, more fluid, rapidly changing.

After downloading it, play it on your favorite media player and switch on the repeat button. It helps us achieve the all-important state of mind that seers liken to a blank slate. The chanting should be first loudly, then softly, and then gently until it is inaudible, or mental only.