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Nautical To put oneself into the position indicated. To remain stationary while heading into the wind.

Sports To hit a golf shot less far than one is able so as to avoid a hazard. To strike blows on all sides. Vulgar Slang To have sexual intercourse with. The remark laid him open to criticism.

Nautical To put a ship in dock, as for repairs. To keep oneself or one's plans hidden. To produce and deposit eggs.

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First, there are two lays. To issue orders or instructions sharply or imperiously. The phrasal verb lay for and the nautical use of lay, as in lay at anchor, though intransitive, are standard. To bring a ship to a stop in open water. Muggers were laying for the unsuspecting pedestrian in the alley.

She laid me out for breaking the vase. Rebel troops laid waste the town. To clothe and prepare a corpse for burial. To place together strands to be twisted into rope.

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How many soldiers were laid low in that battle? Games To place all or a part of an accepted bet with another bookie in order to reduce the risk. To put aside and hold for future delivery. He laid not lay the newspaper on the table.

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They laid the blame on us. The table was laid for four. One is the base form of the verb lay, and the other is the past tense of lie.

When I lay not laid down, ijmes online dating I fell asleep. To bide one's time but remain ready for action. The flu has laid low thousands. She often lies not lays down after lunch. Nautical To remain stationary while heading into the wind.

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Lay is a transitive verb and takes a direct object. To terminate the employment of a worker. The rubbish had lain not laid there a week.