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Regal never numbered resonator guitars carrying its own trademark, except by accident. He told me that he mostly builds acoustic instruments, and although he hadn't worked on any metal bodies, he would take a look a t it. This refers to the shape of the back of the neck. There are three volume knobs, one for each tone setting, and a master volume.

The second position has the treble full on. Which type of resonator you like may depend on what style of music you like. So the most collectible Nationals will always be metal body, round neck models.

This was before I was manufacturing, but I went to a lot of auctions at that time and we even knew some of the same auctioneers. There National-Dobro concentrated on electric instruments and amplification, rather than the resonator guitars for which they were known. The stiffer body forces the vibrations to the resonator instead of being absorbed by the body, hence giving better tone. Rudy Dopyera wanted Dobro to build metal instruments from the beginning, but John was not satisfied with the soldering method used by National. But now that they are making metal body single cone and tricone models, their feel and look has much improved the sound of their reissues has always been excellent.

The aluminum body makes for minimal midrange and practically no bass. Two other brothers, Louis and Bob, helped finance the venture.

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Until the late s some National-branded instruments used Gibson body parts. Two pickup blades rose through a slot in the coverplate, one under the three bass strings and one under the treble. He was very nice and knowledgeable. This stiffens the body and provides bracing for the bridge, pickup, tailpiece. What this means is, how many frets are accessible for playing before you run out of neck and hit the body.

Also this models have a serious problem with paint adhesion paint just doesn't stick well to aluminum. Admittedly, these are small details. This is due to their long decay sustain and slight attack. The fancier nickel plated brass, single cone metalbody instruments such as the Style O don't have as bluesy a tone as the less ornate Duolian. This is probably due to the fact that the vintage tricones were much more expensive than vintage single cone models, making the reissues even more appealing.

This has especially been the case for vintage Tricones. The Dopyeras turned the resonator upside-down and modified its V shape into a W, connected to the bridge by a long screw through the center. Without a block of wood choking it, the inverted resonator vibrated freely and sustained notes longer than the biscuit-bridge cone. But with the December attacks on Pearl Harbor, National's guitar production was ceased by government legislation and its workforce re-trained for War-related manufacturing. This is because there are three cones all vibrating together, producing more harmonics than a single resonator guitar.

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Louis Dopyera had bought out all his brothers and, except for a few odd shares, was sole owner of the company. No model numbers for the double-Cyclops guitars have come to light, but there are two distinct styles. National Resophonic is back in business as of producing wood and metalbody resonator guitars.

The Case had the name The Country Drifters. But they sure do look great! Emil, the salesman, showed the prototype guitar to dealers in southern California and took the first orders. Because prices changed from year to year, guitars changed model numbers, and the same model number may have applied to several different guitars. Today I would take the tailpiece off and drill but back then I was afraid to mess with it.

As mentioned above, vintage National resonators aren't for everyone. These required fret necks to get the scale right. But they bring even less than wood body resonator models from the pre-war period.

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The Model was walnut with an inlaid fretboard and gold plating. Beauchamp and Dopyera had been rubbing each other the wrong way for some time, and this came as the last straw.

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With a german silver body and a single cone resonator, these are great guitars. But vintage Nationals aren't for everyone. Hence the roundneck Tricones are more versatile instruments. Personally, I feel the Tricone's smoother, more complex tone is the best National sound and look! Because of this, single cone Nationals sound much like a banjo.

Regal mixed and matched hardware freely on all its Dobro guitars, apparently using whatever tailpieces or coverplates were handy at the time. According to Smith, karmasin online dating Valco sold the Dobro hardware it had on hand to Gibson.

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In the first position, the treble is turned off. In Regal revised its prices and changed the Dobro line once again. National ukuleles are very collectable. Some have no binding on the body, and others have ivoroid binding around the top and fretboard. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited.

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Only three are known to exist today. Most collectors are first attracted to these map-shaped electric guitars by the way they look.

Squareneck models can not be played like a standard guitar. National now uses a water-based paint because of California environmental issues. And the market must also feel they are small details since the demand and price for vintage Nationals has dropped so much.

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According to John Dopyera, in about Dobro bought a shipment of guitar bodies from Regal, in Chicago. Gibson experimented with a few resonator guitar prototypes in the s, but never put any into production. Gold-plated guitars were hard to sell to people having trouble putting food on the table. For the most part, these guitars are inexpensive, low-end models.

Dobro often economized on guitars carrying other brands by installing no soundwells under the resonators or by cutting f-holes instead of installing screens. By Dobro moved the screws to the half-hour points so a repairman could open a guitar without removing the tailpiece.