Dsr 2012

Ist class teak wood including nickel plated bright finished M. New item of disposal of dismantled material has been introduced. Fostering the development and retention of staff, coaches, officials and volunteers.

Annual Report

Description Extra for selected planks of second class deodar wood Kiln seasoning of timber Hollock wood in planks Common burnt clay F. Description Painting with aluminium paint of approved brand and manufacture to give an even shade. Sheet, joints mitred, welded and grinded finish, with profiles of required size, mp3 music er pro including fixing of necessary butt hinges and screws and applying a priming coat of approved steel primer. Thermal insulation of roofing with exposed polystyrene e.

Community Participation

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Our business thrives on these partnerships. Welding by gas or electric plant including transportation of plant at site etc. Red sand stone White sand stone Both face dressed. The hinge side vertical of the frames reinforced by galvanized M. Columns, piers, abutments, pillars, posts and struts.

DSR Las Vegas 1 Pre-Race Report

Dismantling precast concrete or stone slabs in walls, partition walls etc. Centering and shuttering including strutting, propping etc. For the third consecutive year, strong client take-up continued well beyond the Easter vacation period particularly at the larger camps of Ern Halliday and Woodman Point.

Superior class teak wood including nickel plated bright finished M. Providing and fixing bright finished brass door latch with necessary screws etc.

DSR Las Vegas 1 Pre-Race Report

Acid and alkali resistant tile. Providing and fixing bright finished brass casement window fastener with necessary screws etc. The details of the items are summerized here for implementation and convenience of the users.

Crazy ceramic tiles flooring c. Only structural steel frame work shall be measured for the purpose of payment, stainless steel cramps shall be paid for separately and nothing extra shall be paid.

Brick work with clay fly ash bricks b. Core of the door shutter should be filled with High Density Polyurethane foam. Finishing with Epoxy paint two or more coats at all locations prepared and applied as per manufacturer's specifications including appropriate priming coat, preparation of surface, etc. Providing and fixing bright finished brass mm mortice latch with one dead bolt and a pair of lever handles with necessary screws etc. Description Circular shape mm dia precast R.

Providing half brick masonry with common burnt clay F. Extra for providing and mixing water proofing material in cement plaster work in proportion recommended by the manufacturers. Description Providing and fixing bright finished brass quadrant stay mm long with necessary brass screws etc. Extra for providing heavy sheet float glass panes instead of ordinary float glass in glazed doors, windows and clerestory window shutters.

All works above plinth level upto floor V level. With non decorative veneering on both sides. Sport provides a positive environment to engage youth in safe and active recreation. We have a unique partnership in the Western Desert with Newcrest Mining. Punched tape concertina coil m dia.

The ClubTalk initative helps sporting organisations stay relevant, business smart and connected with new communication technology. The program runs weekly fitness sessions and personal development classes as well as providing support across further education, training and employment pathways post-release. The challenge remains to develop and roll-out initiatives and programs to change behaviour and motivate the community to live an active lifestyle. Crazy marble stone flooring b. Close timbering in case of shafts, wells, cesspits, manholes and the like including strutting, shoring and packing cavities wherever required etc.

Unit cum litre litre kilogram kilogram kilogram kilogram kilogram litre litre kilogram litre litre litre litre litre litre kg L. Soil conservation by filling available earth b.

Providing and fixing bright finished brass flush bolts with necessary brass screws etc. They are great community-minded people that embody the passion that defines our industry. There are currently strategy teams developing resources, reviewing strategic frameworks and funding schemes in an effort to increase participation of people with disability in sport and recreation. We take great pride in some of our ongoing initiatives that continue to grow and prosper.

The labour rates adopted are as per minimum wages issued by Govt. Providing and fixing bright finished brass hanging type floor door stopper with necessary screws, etc. Taking out wind ties from roof including cutting out rusted bolts, nuts etc. It provides an integrated and coordinated approach to tackling sedentary lifestyles and sets out the strategies aimed to activate Western Australian people and places. Extra for marking of structural steel work required to be re-erected.

DSR Annual Report 2012/2013 highlights

Providing and fixing chromium plated brass night latch including necessary screws etc. Providing and fixing glazing in fire resistant door shutters, fixed panels, ventilators and partitions etc. Providing and fixing chromium plated brass butt hinges with necessary chromium plated brass screws etc. Shutter area to be measured.

The program has identified, supported and acknowledged coaches and mentor coaches in the region. Point Walter recladding and upgrades to camp office and wet areas.