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With this in mind, I only attempted to represent diversity of race and gender in my quota sample. Financially, the students tend to be more moderate. Not many people go to class and then come back to relax with their friends. Also, greek life is a great social option, but there are plenty of people who don't go greek too.

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The fact that Duke has a dysfunctional social scene is indicative of our society in general. Will going to Duke will help me get a consulting job? Duke is the perfect size where you can walk through campus and you will without a doubt run into someone you know. Even though these two respondents and others might have had a hookup, they both counter two conclusions made by Shanahan and Morgan. My project delves deep into these stereotypes and includes the viewpoints of a wide-range of students at Duke on the hookup culture.

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It kinda gives them, a person, ambiguity when they talk about I hooked up with someone last night, which can be nice on the surface level, dating nebraska I guess. Are girls stereotyped as needing to attain effortless perfection? It will definitely help me in solidifying my decision. Usually shooters if dancing is in the cards or devines if not. People here party starting on Thursday until Saturday.

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While I began with asking respondents for their email addresses, a few subjects who did not know me asked to not submit such information. Of these seventeen, I surveyed four people that I know. The best place to find out about events for the week is on the Bryan Center walkway, which will soon be remodeled into a bigger plaza with food vendors!

Your email address will not be published. An array of behavior from kissing and fondling to mutual masturbation, oral sex, mobile free and intercourse. Even when you go to small liberal arts colleges like Williams students per class the pecking order still exists.

All we can say then, is that there is hysteria about the hookup culture. The social scene revolves most visibly around greek life, as fraternities throw parties at off-campus bars up to five nights a week. However taking a step back, it appears that the reasons you listed for dissatisfaction with Duke are almost entirely based upon the social scene.

Continue to external site Go Back. My data for this project, unfortunately, is not representative of the Duke undergraduate student population in terms of race, class year, religion, or membership in a fraternity or sorority. By performing a literature review of their study and data, I came to two important conclusions. Most social activities involve some form of alcohol.

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Also, Greek life is very hierarchical. Is this stereotype accurate? However if a student wishes to have a less intensive sport involvement, there are also intramural teams that students organize together and play for fun. Although these programs can be competitive, I think for most students, they are a rewarding experience, and you should definitely participate in one of them before you graduate if you can. Who Doesn't Love Daisy Dukes?

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Popular Majors in Duke University? Definition of Key Concept. Berkeley transfer to Duke. Many students, both male and female, participate in club sports such as soccer and lacrosse which are organized more closely to varsity sports. The Duke culture is not to blame for those hookups that do occur or for the existence of the hookup culture.

Hookup vs. Relationship

Despite the fact that I only could conduct one such interview, hearing his viewpoints has shed more light on the complex nature of the subject matter. Is Greek life huge at Duke? We grew close over the classwork, the study groups we formed and the dinners we had together, made easier by the fact that we all lived together. This really depends on the department.

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Rushing and joining an organization does not guarantee an enriching social life. Does it suck we don't have frat houses? Because Durham isn't exactly hopping, almost everyone stays on campus all the time. Second semester is when rush, the process of joining social organizations, dating australian guys starts.

This is a pretty controversial topic at Duke and across college campuses in general. But it is really what Duke does- they breed leaders, and you don't become a leader in a classroom, you become a leader in clubs and activities. In addition, one other of my friends provided me with a respondent via snowball sampling. Conversely, being around the wrong crowd of people will result in a lot of unhappiness and loneliness. Unfortunately, not everyone has equal chances at becoming a member of each organization.

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However, this may change with the new housing model that Duke is implementing. Many people find social fulfillment in joining a club at Duke. At the same time, part of my frustration with what I was hearing and reading was that the conclusions were based on selective stories.

For this quantitative component of my research, I had thirty-two different individuals fill out my questionnaire. There really is no difference. Forgot Username or Password? He didn't enjoy the cliqueiness of Duke and he wanted to warn others that they may not enjoy it either.

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In terms of West Union, I think you kind of get sick of it after a while. For everyone else, please really consider all of the factors that they may not advertise or tell you about. However, the four respondents that I chose were all selected for important reasons.

  1. Here's what you're missing out on!
  2. The open parties are typically attended by the same core of greek-affiliated students or the independents who are their friends.
  3. My friends and I often hang out on Franklin St.
  4. Remember me on this computer not recommended on public or shared computers.
  5. Anyone can easily get drunk any night of the week, but that is true at most colleges.
  6. And it means people tend to have sexual encounters rather than relationships and they tend to search for that and they live for that.

After rush, the open parties practically stop, and people will start spending more time with their social organizations in order to develop stronger bonds. There are a ton of sports fans which is fun. Unfortunately, there are some large intro classes in subjects such as math, that are taught by graduate students, post-docs, and visiting professors instead of full-time professors.

Reasons Why You May Dislike Duke A Memoir from an Unhappy Student

  • For this project, therefore, I lengthened the questionnaire to fifteen questions and widened its scope.
  • This was one of the biggest surprises and disappointments for me when I entered Duke.
  • Those three respondents who indicated two religions on their questionnaire were categorized under each of the two that they listed.
  • Most people spend more time with their extracurriculars than their actual studies.

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Swarthmore and Haverford have a Quaker heritage which is still evident in the campus ethos strongly intellectual and driven to make the world a better place. Everyone at Duke has to be incredibly smart and accomplished right? Students can watch their peers in various theater productions almost all year round. Thank you so much for your respectful opinion!

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Please enter the required information. Of the thirty-two respondents, seven had sex before coming to Duke. And unlike many Duke students, he has never had sexual intercourse, not because he never had the opportunity. Also Known As melissa milano.

Thank you all for the feedback. Furthermore, snohomish singles dating I myself felt more comfortable going up to random students throughout campus because I would not have to ask them to reveal their identities. The best post I've read so far.

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