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This application is intended to increase security. However, there are additional features for some paid ones.

This application gives user very protective password. The lonely boat aground embedded, golden sand, blue color of the sky, palm giving coolness exotic let him be your home.

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You do not need to run out of ideas on how to beautify your smartphone without having to download random images from the internet. It sets easily with some touch. You will love, from heart this heaven blue theme too! This function can be found in new version of this app.

However, others platform has been added to expand many users. If not, you have to download some sponsoring apps before downloading those themes. In this case, those images or themes for lock screen do not come free actually. Unusual island full of sun, suspended over the sea waves, the rustling waterfall and golden sand on the beach. Compared to other apps, they usually come in default.

Go to smartphone setting to disable standard lock screen. This application is developed for android user. It gives full means of security for all apps installed in your smartphone. Wrapped in blue ribbon flowing water and tropical vegetation, will have a stimulating effect on your imagination.

First thing first, this app does do its own job just like the locker app is supposed to do in the first place. As it mentioned above, more wallpapers and themes are offered. This is a custom lockscreen replacement app with a charging animated battery. But, this app does come with a lot more variations on lock screen themes you can pick to be set as your lock screen. Themes are published all the time, so remember to check our developer account regularly.

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In this part, there are several items, which should be completed. Android users are still on the top priority for developer. To use thus application, users have to access phone-setting menu. You can Find More info by Search go. Well, it is not as easy as you thought it would be if you happen to have any intention on downloading those images provided by this app.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Another part is gesture and pattern.

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As the consequence, several apps, which might be quite important for you, might not be able to be protected. Lock type application supposed to have two basic functions. If you want both of them, set primary screen lock to this application.

GO Locker App APK

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If you want to activate the means of security of this app for your smartphone, what you need to do is picking the setting menu to start the process. Moreover, new updates of this app will provide integrated system with entertainment apps. With amazing wallpaper and theme, you never get bored.

It might not be efficient but definitely worth trying. In reality, there is quite a selection of apps that come with similar feature as this one. Using this application, user can choose whether to keep standard lock on or turn it off.

More often than not, many locker apps do not come with comprehensive cover on which app that can be protected by such locker app. Besides that, agatha christie peril at end house game this locker does also come with quite a variation of lock screen themes you can pick.

GO Locker App APK

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Try now beautiful, dear heavenly styled with tons of customization options. Sweet turquoise, caribbean blue of and azure color surely captivate you! Because this application need internet, user should type email address. However, you will not find such problem with this app for it covers pretty much any apps installed in your smartphone without any exception.

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Free version is enough to fulfill important needs. It will activate after users are off for their device.

Afterwards, you will be served with several menus to pick. Yes, you need to some purchase beforehand if you want to use one of those themes to be your lock screen. Users can modify and customize their phone to make impressive and delightful appearance. Exceptions can create cache for Android games, which we load on Direct link.