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I'm dating a married man yahoo answers, how can i stop dating a married man?

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You should have exercised common sense and decency. Try to understand where he is at Society has already tortured him enough he could lose his own and extended family, he could eventually become suicidal. If someone can tell me what i should do, i'd really appreciate that.

You still may have one the greatest bonds ever, yes there will be sacrifice and modifications but there is in any relationship. However, i don't have a boyfriend, since i am a professional dancer, so i almost never go out. Hypothetically, if he ever did leave his wife and family for you, what is stopping him from walking away from you when he decides that he needs to get wet in another pond? Well he punched me in my mouth and chipped my tooth and beat me. He most likely got married due to social pressure which can be horrid in places like the Deep and Upper South, coming out in some rural area can and has has cost people their lives.

Dating a married man?

Though there is no evidence to the contrary, you are too good to be used in this way and you need to make that clear to him. You are his fun, the story he tells his friends, and the woman all others look at with disdain when they find out. Plus, i myself would never chet on my boyfriend.

Thank you for your honesty! Like i know i shouldnt stay with him and i dont want to im not a slut and i dont want to be a home wrecker because his life is already screwed but it really seems as we are meant for each other.

How can i stop dating a married man?

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So after dealing with the trying to fall inlove and finding the right man, I gave up on love. My point is, thisis a high profile man, and his wife is high profile as well. So If you can make the modifications continue to love him support him and you just might have a dream relationship. This was a mistake and you have survived. If i had the right person, things would be different.

Are you currently dating a married man? Heres the deal I have been dating this guy for a couple months one month and a half to be exact. We exchanged numbers, after chatting, he told me he was married.

So I thought, what the heck. It may not be too late to gather up your self esteem, self respect, and pride off of the floor and walk away from him. Im so sick of tge damn late night nasty phone sex crap, the sneaking around, the waiting for his calls, the lonely nights, and most of all, the long waits to see him.

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Dating a married man yahoo answers

If he is going to leave, wait until he leaves because his relationship is failing, not because you got in the way. The only thing im worried about is i know he wouldnt let me go Follow. Been in the married thing, divorced, had long terms relationship, been cheated on. Moreover, it is terrible to date a person, knowing that besides you he has other girls, and realizing that you are not the one, but just one of the.