Main Khiladi Tu Anari Songs

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Music is probably one of the best things about the movie, the tittle song comes late but is my favourite and a good song, the dance steps are good. All Akshay Kumar fans rejoice.

Fans across all platforms have totally loved the teaser. Shetty can really put on a comic performance as Basanti but her Mona was a bit too boring. However, Saif confirmed to a newspaper that there aren? Don't expect much and you won't be disappointed. The film never really drags and the flow is good.

He tells Deepak to hang around him if Deepak can get Basanti to act as Mona. From an actor in training to a sidekick, he can pull it off well. Kader Khan and Shilpa Shetty in double roles are absolutely hilarious. Raageshwari is so cute and adorable.

There was a time when smiling and Akshay Kumar didn't mix. Johnny Lever was funny but Kader Khan was more funnier than him. But Saif has denied the news. Goli knows that Mona died because they had to kill her as she was a police informer. Therefore it was easy to believe the media buzz about plans of a sequel to the film.

When Goli finds out about Mona's forthcoming testimonial which would expose his real identity, he tracks her down and kills her. However, his action movies were much better because it was him who introduced raw martial arts style action to Bollywood. Well, watch this decent Bollywood film from the s. In case you are still wondering who we are talking about, it's none other than superstar Akshay Kumar. He is none other than Anu Malik.

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Main Khiladi Tu Anari

His family consist of his sister-in-law Beena and Shivangi Raageshwari. Even the popular Bollywood diva, Shilpa Shetty put up a great. You can search it on youtube, it's there. That's how they uncover Goli eventually.

Main Khiladi Tu Anari lyrics - Hindi Bollywood Movie LyricsMain Anari Tu Khiladi Download New

Main Khiladi Tu Anari Songs

Main Khiladi Tu Anari

Rageshwari is fairly good though she doesn't have much to do. Well, other than the obvious fact that Akshay Kumar is the lead actor in both the films, another similarity also lies in a particular blue shirt that he has worn in both the films. Karan finds a lookalike of Mona called Basanti and he decides to plant her in Goli's gang.

The Zaara song is well supported by a guitar tune while the other songs fill the bill. We put together some of the most outstanding choreographed songs of the year. The film should have had someone like Sonali or Karishma instead of Rageshwari.

What Goli doesn't know is Mona is a fake and she has lied when she said she lost her memory. It is not easy to break the mold and show the audience something new or bring something old to the table and present this in a new way. Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan played the lead roles in the movie.

Main Khiladi Tu Anari tells the story of Inspector Karan Joglekar who is a hard boiled cop, his brother is an honest cop who looses his life trying to capture the criminal and evil mastermind Goli. Main Khiladi Tu Anari does not disappoint. On the whole, renault clio service manual Main Khiladi Tu Anari is a brilliant action comedy with many highlights. When girls and Akshay Kumar were rarely seen except for in songs and rare romantic moments in his action films.

Known for his high prices, iconic smile and extremely high budget films Akshay Kumar has truly reformed himself in the millennium. See also Showtimes External Sites. Johnny Lever as Dhansukh, Deepak's servant is a real trip. In fact this movie first established Saif as a comic performer and gave a huge boost to his sagging career. Shivangi as portrayed by Raageshwari, has the hots for Deepak Kumar.

Main Khiladi Tu Anari (1994) MP3 Songs

It was an action comedy and greatest hit of the year. Super Hit Film - Good action and comedy film. The stork has come calling in B Town again! His disguises, changing voices, and his chemistry with Akshay are simply just brilliant. Not many know that the real name of Goga Kapoor is Ravinder Kapoor.

The music of the film was scored by Anu Malik. Now it seems, as is common in industries like ours, that people follow trends and every film which is successful now has a sequel planned. She was so perky, peppy, beautiful and evidently talented. It was the first Bollywood action film to be reviewed by martial arts film critic Albert Valentin on the now defunct Kung Fu Cinema site.

Main Khiladi Tu Anari Songs

Audible Download Audio Books. It's such a good investment. This girl is just to die for.

What works and combines well with the film is the well timed songs of the film, which was the one thing Mohra lacked. Shilpa Shetty does full justice to the film with her acting. The music was great as well as the entire movie. Shakti Kapoor is good as the villain. We do the impossible and manage to bring you six films from his past that are not to be missed!

Main Khiladi Tu Anari lyrics - Hindi Bollywood Movie Lyrics