An All-Star Music Celebration. After being unable to find him, Mavis yells at Vlad, regretting ever inviting him. Continue to external site Go Back.

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Mavis Dracula

Mavis tells her father, Dracula, all the things he will need to do for Dennis while she and Jonathan are away. After Jonathan is kicked out of the hotel by Dracula, Mavis meets up with him outside the hotel, and convinces him to come with her to the roof. Jonathan, still unsure, follows Mavis out of the park with doubt.

Mavis looks at them and smiles. When the crew finally arrive at their destination, Mavis surprises Dracula and her family with a cruise. While Dracula and the groom are waiting at the altar, Mavis and the rest of the bridesmaids are busy calming down the bride, Lucy. Dracula tries to feed Mavis certain monster foods to make sure the baby is born a proper vampire.

He was confused of why she was still up while the sun was up as it would kill her. Mavis says goodbye to Dennis then she and Jonathan step into the hearse, and drive to the airport. Mavis turns to Jonathan, outraged that he was apart of all this.

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But this is a chance to make new memories, with all of us. Mavis transforms into a bat and flies off with her father into the nearby forest to look for Dennis as Jonathan and the rest of the group follow behind. Mavis agrees thinking this would be a good opportunity to see if California would be a better place to raise Dennis.

Mavis tells Linda that she does have a grandpa, and that she even invited him to Dennis's birthday party. She tells Drac that she even wants to go back to the village and try to make friends with the humans again. In a sugar fueled rampage they wreck havoc and accidentally knock into Dennis, sending him flying through air and knocks his tooth out as he hits the ground. During the flight Mavis attempts to calm Dracula down, and get him to relax.

Mavis comforts Lucy and assures her that the wedding day will be perfect. Mavis explains that Vlad has never met Dennis, and that this would be a great opportunity. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Mavis Staples. Unlike her father she doesn't seem to care that Dennis isn't a full vampire and accepts him for who he is, darkstone game even standing up to people who she assumes are prejudicing him for being a hybrid.

Mavis retreats to the roof where she sits sadly with the present her mother, Martha, made her in hopes she would receive it during her th birthday. Mavis Dracula Loughran is the deuteragonist of the Hotel Transylvania movie series. She usually wears a black turtleneck dress with long black fingerless gloves, black and red striped tights and red Converse shoes. Mavis apologizes to Dennis, telling him that he can't bring his pet everywhere he wants. Jonathan tries to tell her that they might not have time to try all the flavors, but Mavis tells Jonathan with joy that the store is open all night.

When Drac returns to Mavis, he tells her that he wants her to live her life, and shows her that Jonathan has returned. Dracula happily agrees, and the two dive off the balcony, transform into bats and fly off.

Resend confirmation email. Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals. Just then, the frozen Quasimodo enters the room and with the help of the Fly and Esmeralda reveals Jonathan's human identity. As she is walking, her father, Dracula, looks on at his daughter feeling so proud.

One day, Mavis and Jonathan go to see Dracula, Jonathan excitingly tells Drac that Mavis would like to go flying with him. Mavis tries to tell him that it was just a kiss, but she is shut down by her father who tells her she is not allowed to kiss. Suddenly Drac appears from the ceiling catching Mavis in the act.

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Mavis was amazed by this and dances with Jonathan. You've barely been out of the hotel since, well since mom died. To break the awkward silence Linda asks Mavis about other members of her family.

Jonathan groggily asks Mavis if there's still time for a date night, but quickly falls back asleep. Summer Music Camp and performed again at the Orpheum with of the academy's students. These songwriters gave me a challenge.

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National Endowment for the Arts. Dracula is hesitant at first, but changes his mind after seeing how happy Mavis, Jonathan, and Dennis are. Mavis tells Lucy about her wedding day with Jonathan, and how it was the best day of her life.

Dracula takes Jonathan away into the hotel caves in order to sneak him out of the hotel. Mavis and Jonathan lock eyes once more and they finally have a proper kiss.

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Mavis is hurt by this, demanding to know why he is okay with him keeping her trapped inside the hotel when he knew her dream was to leave. Mavis sets up a plane flight on a gremlin run airplane to the location of the cruise ship. Mavis finally asks her father if he himself is okay with her marrying a human.

Mavis tries to call to check on Dennis, but Jonathan explains to her that Dennis is probably asleep in Transylvania right now. Mavis smiles and tells them Transylvania. Best American Roots Performance. Mavis smiles and rolls her eyes.

Swing Low with The Staples Singers. Respect Yourself with The Staples Singers. Having realized his mistake, Dracula journeys to retrieve Jonathan for Mavis before he leaves Transylvania.

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Records artists Verve Records artists. As the entire party erupts into panic, Mavis approaches Jonathan asking him if he really is a human. When Mavis gets there she looks around exclaiming that everything looks so fun. On the day of the wedding, she begins spending her time getting ready and posing for photos, despite not appearing in any of them because of her being a vampire.