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We do have The Apprentice. You know, it impacts a huge number of different behaviors. So what kind of techniques would you use, for example?

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So, for example, I studied a group of coffee connoisseurscalled Alt. And it could be a topical area, too. And they have these complex universesthat are built up around them. You have your own version of Survivor, too?

It could inform about particular practices. Once you've done that, you would kind ofstart to localize and decide which groups of informationare interesting to you. She would like to find more study participants from across Canada, including women who are looking for same-sex partners.

Your first step would be to get a computer. But, at the same time, they are experiencing frustration because it does seem that the internet in many ways is just the same old bar scene.

So it's a method that really has a lot of flexibility built inand enables you to investigate a lot of different kindsof questions. You know, there's just a lot of places to do studies like this. So it's an interrelationship of both. So let's say that was your topic.

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Furthermore, women are hesitant to admit that they meet men through the Internet. So, although it's tempting to wantto be able to do a one-week or a two-week dissertation usingnetnography, that's probably not what's required. So let's say it is a television show. That level of analytic depth is difficult.

So, if I were a PhD student wantingto start a netnographic study, what would be my first step? What do you think are some common problems a student mightencounter, trying to use this method? What's the version of American Idol that you have?

What is netnography?

Like ethnography is, toto latino dating it's adaptable to all sortsof questions. And what would your response be? Deciding what automobile to purchase.