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This episode was given some superficial justification by having a trial and judge, but Muhammad chose the judge and encouraged and sanctioned the verdict. Eventually, one of their leaders the head of the Aws, Sa'd b. He suggested locating a blanket and placing the Black Stone on top of it. Al principio, pocos conversos siguieron Mahoma. They do not doubt or question even the slightest aspect of it.

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The Kaaba and the Black Stone caused very large numbers of people to come to Mecca on pilgrimages, and so Mecca had a very substantial tourist business. Then each of the four would lift a corner, and all four would equally receive the honor of carrying it back to the Kaaba.

At first, few converts followed Muhammad. After the Hegira, while based in Medina, he often turned to warfare, plunder and conquest.

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Nay, even personal indulgences were not only excused but encouraged by the divine approval or command. In his final years Muhammad continued his political and military involvements, making arrangements with nomadic tribes ready to accept Islam and sending expeditions against hostile groups. Since Muslims feel that Jews and Christians use distorted copies of the Torah text as the basis of their beliefs, that is seen as the basis of the above mentioned hipocracy or false religion. At about the same time Muhammad lost another staunch supporter, ac hook up at furnace his wife Khadijah. Considerado una fuente muy confiable.

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Those references in the Koran indicate that Jews and Christians should be treated as brothers. Afterwards, Muhammad took a beautiful girl, Rihana, to enjoy her charms, as her husband and all her male relatives had just been massacred in that way. If the exact wording had been provided by Allah, it seems that it should be worded slightly differently. Essentially edited Ibn Ishaq's work. At first, he had hoped to be accepted by them as a Prophet, because he had always emphasized that the message that he was preaching was no different from that of Moses.

Sunnites Arabs generally consider Shiites as schismatics. Al principio, los musulmanes dividieron en dos grupos. These following points are all described in the writings of the respected Muslim writers listed above.

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This brought relative peace and stability within the city, by a document called the Constitution of Medina. Mecca was considered of primary importance to the Muslim community because of the presence there of the Kaaba. Works not found, but referred to in those below.

Two years later, in the oasis of Khaybar, a different fate befell another Jewish group. Muhammad al-Madaini early s. After the Meccans withdrew, Muhammad had an incident with the remaining Jewish clan, the Qurayza, where he felt they had threatened him and Islam. In the next several years, during the s, he received many such revelations while in such caves. As the natural result, we trace from the period of Mahomet's arrival in Medina a marked and rapid declension in the system he inculcated.

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He may have mistaken the right means for effecting this end, but there is no sufficient reason for doubting that he used those means in good faith and with an honest purpose. That idea would greatly damage his credibility as a Prophet.

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Scholars see such things as obvious problems, but virtually all Muslims overlook them, and consider anyone bringing up such things as blasphemous. En general, las azoras tienden a ser muy apacible, compasiva y atenta. Further revelations came to him intermittently over the remaining years of his life, and these revelations constitute the text of the Koran. Al-Tabari alrededor de dC. In Medina an organized Muslim community gradually came into existence under Muhammad's leadership.

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