Shinko hook up vs power one, shinko hook up tires - vill du tr ffa enda mannen b rja h r

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  1. Almost forgot to tell you to make sure that first burn out is a good one because you gotta get down to the compound.
  2. Beta Riders Club Discussion Forum betarider.
  3. However last night I was practicing digs, I managed to roll the tire off the rim, and loose all air pressure.
  4. Most people running the hook up are running in the same conditions.
  • But these Ravens were truly unstable with the hopping so bad it felt like it was losing contact with the pavement.
  • Well, while I like the traction of the shinko I don't like the weight, but I'll probably buy a in hopes performs similarly at a more normal tire weight.
  • But you wouldn't belive how bad the bike started straightline hopping on me after mph.
  • The place I take me tires to use a light soap mix to mount drag tires.
  • Once in the dirt the bike was almost oversteering.

Shinko hook up tires - Vill du tr ffa enda mannen B rja h r

Shinko hook-up problems again. It hooks up really well and has better feel and grip compared to stock. As Brandon said, try a Power One. Yeah I already ordered a new power one.

Shinko Motorcycle Tires

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. In catalogs it is listed as the Hybrid Cheater, dating sites but on the tire it says sticky. Luckly I was only running first gear only so I was able to come to a safe stop. Let us know how you like it.

Tuf will be here soon to poke all the Shinko lovers. Hope I never have a front tire issue. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

Before I get anywhere with dirt, I have a long rocky climb with switchbacks and several large smooth slabs. General Bike Related Topics. Its way cheaper than the Golden Tire my buddy destroyed in a single ride too.

General Bike Related Topics

With the short stiff sidewall Sedona I added two small dings to my rear rim on these trails. Heavy enough I could feel the difference when accelerating. Was the front floating up at all? Anyone who's tried both please chime it. Just putting the word out there.

Forums New posts Advanced search. Had a few rear tire issues, dating websites friends I know what you're talking about. Boosted Cycle Perf Donating Member.

It's sticker shock after buying shinkos for the past few years, but safety is priority, and getting all that expensive hp to stick is the second. Dispite the problems with the tires the first year they were released, after the initial problems shinko seemed to have fixed the issue. Shinko Drag hookup slipping on bead.

Wet, muddy rocks in low sections seemed dry. No other issues, nail, etc. It'll last in the streets and at the race track.

Not a real test, but so far, so good. We have a semi hard enduro loop close to the shop, hope to get over there soon and give it a try, will keep you updated. Summer Touring Weekender Busa. At one point I started up a snow covered bank with not enough momentum and I temporarily lost traction, then it like grabbed and clawed its way up.

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Maybe not a tire for general use, but certainly an excellent technical rock tire. That was the best tire I've ever ran on the street. The only thing I didn't like about the tire was the weight. Thoughts on a direct comparison between the two?

Shinko hook-up problems (again)

Looks like it going to be a great tire. In the rocks wet or dry it was simply great. Its super sticky with a thick but medium sidewall, dating so fine with a tube as well.

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Shinko hook-up problems (again)
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Shinko Hook Up

Some short mud sections proved no issue, but no loose muddy hills to test on. At my local track I an able to run psi depending in the time of day. How many of you have taken your Hayabusa to Bonneville?

It costs more but it'll last twice as long as the stink-o. It seems to have a clawing action like a trials tire which is a good thing. So, for me, this is the best tire yet for my local trail, but this is a very rough place that destroys normal knobbys. So I stopped just in time to hear the rest of the air escape out of the tire on the right side bead.

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