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The improvement is most noticeable when users launch the Earth application multiple times. Street View in Earth feels more immersive now due to wider field of view. Explore the globe with a swipe of your finger. Measure distances and area.

Font dialog and other crashes. Follow clues and track her down! Fixed an issue when screen overlays disappeared in a print-out. You should see scenes load more rapidly than in our previous public Beta release.

Welcome home to the new Google Earth

Sound can now be recorded from a microphone when producing a tour. You can see trees in several places, and we will add trees to more places over time. Improved culling of objects near poles.

Welcome home to the new Google EarthSee notes on Google Earth releases

Find out the length of an upcoming hike, the distance between Tokyo and Timbuktu, or the size of your neighborhood park with the Measure Tool. The time slider in Sun and Historical Imagery features now displays the correct Daylight Savings time.

Issues seen with lines and polygons in high resolution image saving and printing for Google Earth Pro version have been fixed. Qt application library upgraded. Support for installers for users with non-administrative priviledges on Vista.

Fix text clustering when eye is below water. This prevents red directional arrows from displaying as a result of uncalibrated joysticks and other controllers being connected to Earth at startup. Improved polygon rendering. On pause, open balloons are left open instead of closing them.

Get started with Google Earth for Chrome. Improved overall stability by fixing multiple crashes seen since beta release. New Repair Tool to reset cache data, settings, and fix application startup issues. We have included stability improvements for users running Earth for extended periods of time.

Fix tears in high resolution image save and print when animated water was in view. Buildings are streamed in smoother, and low memory situations are handled better.

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See notes on Google Earth releases

Audio recorded in tours does not play across platforms. Check back to visit more homes in the coming months. Extended data for Elevation Profile and Track is handled when available. Crash in View in Maps if user logged in. High-detail terrain enabled by default.

Collada models now display with uncorrupted textures. Optimized amount of data fetched in Street View. Fix movie maker to work well in presence of animated water surface.

The world's most detailed globe. Added field of view recording to tours and ability to play back those changes. For Consumer and Pro version, website for full version softwares moved Terrain setting to options menu from layers panel. Fix cases that let sound continue playing even after a balloon was closed or tour was paused.

Earth version 7.3.2

There were several improvements to Street View in Google Earth. Google Earth now has trees.

Earth version 7.3.1

Fixed an issue of ruler tool disappearing. Fixed some issues in using plug-in on https sites.

Some of the workarounds include increasing cache size from options menu, restoring defaults from options menu, restarting application and clearing memory cache. Sometimes, overlays drawn on ocean surface may also get drawn on the underwater terrain.

Improved overall rendering performance. Out in space, our planet looks impossibly small. Tour audio recording and playback not working.

To add a dash of serendipity to your travels, flip through the stack of cards and discover related places. Choose your adventure with Voyager. To enable these options, ensure that Atmosphere is on. Font and tilt settings now stick between sessions.

As a workaround, we suggest enabling Compatibility View. Fix a crash in switching to Mars from photo view. Added the ability to update network links in parallel on synchronous updates. Discover cities around the world. Elevation profiles display as blank on certain Mac configurations.

Startup Tips sometimes incorrectly positioned. Note that this bug does not affect updating the Plugin, only the first installation.

Welcome home to the new Google EarthEarth version 7.3.2

Fixed an issue where the title for panoramio pictures no longer appeared when hovering over panoramio icons with your mouse if scale legend was enabled. As a workaround, install the Plugin when Firefox is closed. Imagery holes no longer appear after sun has been turned on in DirectX on certain hardware configurations. Icons align correctly upon installation of.

Earth version 7.3.1