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Transfer All type of files, as many as you want, no bandwidth limits! Saurabh Saha SupportiveGuru. Besides torrents, you can also download other types of files and store them in your private cloud.

Bitport is another cloud based file storage solution with support for torrent caching. Multi-Debrid is one of the best alternatives to the traditional torrent downloaders that share the internet speed with the other internet users downloading the same torrent files. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. FilesLoop is one of the most reliable entertainment sites over the internet that allows its visitors always to search and download the shared files from multiple torrents and hosting websites.

But remember, it's only for active torrents, if you transfer your files to your cloud, that space will be freed for other queued items. On-demand renewals available. In case you want to use the Direct Torrents then you need to enter the torrent link or magnet and start downloading the files. Otherwise, try contacting the Zbigz support.

More About Direct Torrents2. Using PutDrive Cloud Storage

Besides downloading torrents, Zbigz also lets you stream audio and video torrents online. This can never happen with the direct links. It is one of the best downloading torrent clients that work all the time with a comfortable bandwidth.

You might also find the details about various Put. Quick-Torrent is probably the most comfortable torrent downloader available out there. This web-based platform can be used for streaming any kind of media file.

You can cancel and add another one that has more active seeders. Seedr is a website that simplifies the process of streaming and downloading the multimedia files over the internet.

Their servers are fast and offer high speed torrent torrent caching, though depending on the type of account, and the speed of connection, your download speed may vary accordingly. Be sure to have free server space available for the size you want to download. Notify me of new posts by email.

Convert Any Torrent To A Direct Link For Free With ZbigzHow To Convert A Torrent File To Direct Link

But as we all know, downloading torrents require a torrent client to be installed on the destination machine. This might solve the problem. There are multiple paid subscription plans available, depending on how much bandwidth you want to use. You can then transfer them to your personal cloud space automatically. Boxopus has a traffic meter for controlling bandwidth usage.

Once files have been downloaded to your Bitport account, you can access them anywhere and from any device, be it a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. Seedr will automatically upload torrent files in its fast server and provide you direct download links to the file within few minutes. Tips for Rebranding Your Website. Boxopus has a free Chrome extension, and the website is optimized for mobile devices.

TorrentSafe is a web-based platform that is called to be an anonymous cloud torrent client. It is a web based downloader where you can upload your torrent files and after that Fuge. This website is particularly for dealing with torrent and relevant multimedia files. You can also email us, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates on new articles. The best about TorrentSafe is that it requires no registration and the support of third-party plugins and extension at all.

The traditional way of downloading torrent files is not a recommended way because you have to share the internet and downloading speed with other users because of peer to peer file sharing. The traffic meter tells you how much bandwidth you can use to download torrents. You can leave a transfer downloading for as long as it needs to download.

21 Direct Torrents Alternatives & Similar Sites Top Best Alternatives

Did we miss any of them that are worth mentioning? FilesLoop is widely available for almost all operating systems and can be accessed from any device including smartphones as well.

It allows its visitors to download any torrent files through the support of multiple download servers. Just create a free account on the website and then you can upload your torrent. Nowadays torrents are widespread for safe and robust public file sharing.

2. Using PutDrive Cloud Storage

Also free users can only experience limited downloading speed. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. After your torrent is completely cached it will be available to you in a zip format. But you need to keep an active session in order to download your cached files.

Download torrents directly without Torrent Client

Direct Torrents is one of the best replacements of the traditional way of downloading torrent files from the internet. It will take just a few seconds because zbigz caches the torrents at a much faster speed. Everyone use torrents to share data to a large audience. As torrent files are available to direct download through TorrentHandler, movie bhakti songs the only thing that limits your download speed is your own internet connection. These were some of the alternative ways to download torrents directly without using torrent client.